Institutional subscription

Researchers and medical practitioners need up-to-date information on adverse drug reactions to both new and existing drugs. The Litt's Drug Eruption & Reaction Database is updated regularly with information on new drugs, adverse reactions, and references.

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Why subscribe to the Litts Database?

Your researchers and staff will be able to:

  • See 1600 detailed drug profiles, with over 62,000 reactions
  • Search over 1700 adverse drug reactions
  • Access 125,000+ direct links to PubMed®
  • Directly compare up to 4 different drugs
  • Search across multiple drugs and class reactions
  • Switch to the mobile version to access drug data whenever you need it
  • Have open URL access via your link resolver

And for administrators:

  • Regular usage stats are available as part of all institutional accounts
  • The mobile access is available outside the institution’s IP range