Search class reactions

Are you searching for an alternative drug within a class because your patient has suffered an allergic reaction to the one currently prescribed? Use the search class reaction tool to provide a quick guide to the drugs within the class to see if they are known to cause the reaction.

Select the class and at least one reaction to initiate your search. Results will update automatically as you add new reactions; there is no need to refresh the page. You may search up to six different reactions.

In the left hand column your results will show all the drugs within the selected class in the Litt’s Drug Eruption & Reaction Database. Each reaction will appear in subsequent columns. Where the drug has the reaction, the column will have Yes; if not, the column will have No. Where the reaction is also supported by evidential references in PubMed, the number of these in the database will appear in square brackets.

Drug names and positive results are hyperlinked to the relevant profile within the database. From the drug profile page you can also click directly through to any of the hyperlinked references for more information if required.

Reactions are hyperlinked to the relevant adverse reaction description page within the database so you can see other drugs which are known to cause the reaction.

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